no I dont regret googling voldemort porn u miss 100% of the shots
u dont take

most unexpectedly cozy childhood locations

in a car in the rain on the way to a girl scout overnight

a tornado drill in elementary school

a red eye flight before takeoff when only the aisle lights are on

clothing racks at a department store

a restaurant booth you’re lying across because you’re too tired to eat

underneath any table, ever

u say yes to concentrate

juicy j cant

words i like right now

abscond, ruins, forthwith, glum, nebbish, flaccid, jaunty, bravado, wavy, divot, rank, rancid, foul, loamy, leer, sniveling, bask, fibrous, egregious, acrid, fleshly

which brings me to my newly discovered fave:

me w/ human love and affection

my friend found this thing i drew when i was like 11

visual representation of my 2013 goals

Personal Emoticon MVP Awards

:,)    the single tear of joy
T__T    the tear/eye roll combo
-___-    the whaleface
o.O    the incredulous eye bulge/narrow
:/   the wonky judgmental frown
ORZ    the man banging his head against the ground
¯\_()_/¯   the shrug
(˘˘)✌  the smugly cheerful
 ‿ ✿    the gimlet eyed
(-_-;) the bow of shame/humility
\(-_- ) the solidarity
( -_-)/\(-_- ) the high five
@_@ the dazed and confused/internet trance

Rookies of the Year:

;:-) - the eyebrow raise
3==3 the farting butt
(ノ゚0゚)ノ    the paul revere
༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽    the internet sloth blob
n@0@n    edvard munch’s the scream
" ( y ) "    the hip shake

u heard it hear first soap is soft and basic