does the person who uploaded these lyrics think nicki is having her man buy her lettuce ?



this is much needed right now in the midst of everything else we’ve been doing in solidarity for mike - let’s not forget how Black, disabled folks are also targets, especially those with autism, due to behaviors cops love to read as “aggressive”, on top of their racism.



“How Coolness Defined the World Wide Web of the 1990s” via The Atlantic explains how crucial awards were to early net culture.

These recognitions were regarded as welcomed honors, visually stamped on the distinguished site with a graphical status icon that bestowed a mark of “quality.” Accumulate enough of these accolades and new awards.html pages would be erected to showcase the entire collection.

I haven’t even read this yet but I know I’ll find it fascinating

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And a mistake repeated more than once is a decision.

Paulo Coelho


Jaeyoung7360 aka Jae Young Eo 재영 (South Korea) - Moray Eel, 2013 Drawings

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fav part & my new ringtone

zodiacs w/ sex


aries- gay
taurus - likes anal
gemini - bdsm freak
cancer - vanilla as fuck
leo - dominant
virgo - practicing abstinence
libra - probably a furry
scorpio - S&M by Rihanna
Sagittarius - will try anything
Capricorn - freaky ass bitch
Aquarius - Skeptical but still a slut
Pisces - horny and dtf w/ anyone

don’t usually like these but liiiike i’m an aquarius $)