ever since i heard this a while back, i’ve been getting more into different sleep with every new thing he puts out. esp. dig the chris brown/sevyn streeter remix at the end $)

Title: Silly Girl
Artist: Television Personalities
Played: 30 times

"Yeah," Deen says. "I always say sex is like soccer: It’s fun and athletic, and you should do it with your friends."

Yes, I think. Right. Certainly. Here is a simple statement that Deen means pretty much as it sounds, but it also pithily expresses yet another reason why you or I will never be the sort of soccer player James Deen is. It’s not just that he’s got bigger, you know, feet than we do. It’s that for you, on that night of enduring awkwardness when you went out for drinks with the woman in the adjacent cubicle and achieved your long-cherished fantasy of playing soccer with her, you did so not because you thought she was going to be this tremendously good soccer player. It was that you were thrilled that she found you sufficiently nonrevolting that she was willing to get on the field with you, which was a big consideration, because as you both knew, what makes the game so very, very exciting isn’t its competitive physics but the conceit that the game is actually a high-velocity delivery system for privileged emotional knowledge of the other player’s secret self. And that even if you’re the sort of freebooting venereal Olympian who tries to play soccer with absolutely everything that moves, your compulsion to play is still ultimately grounded in the marrow-level conviction that the game matters in some way a good deal more complex and high-stakes than simple athletic fun.

this 2012 GQ profile by Wells Tower on James Deen is way better than it has any reason to be

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Frog saves rat from drowning as tiny creature hitches a ride across pond

The frog appeared at the rat’s side as it clung to some debris in the middle of a small pond on the outskirts of north Indian city Lucknow

Photographer Azam Husain


Title: 'Bette Davis Eyes'
Artist: Kim Carnes
Played: 287 times

this is one of my favorite songs in the world since I was like 7 and my dad would play it in the car. always makes me feel some type of way


me after I reincarnate