In Southern Gothic, the most important concept is the grotesque. With the grotesque, reality is distorted into ugly and absurd shapes. “I use the grotesque the way I do because people are deaf and dumb and need help to see and hear,” Flannery O’Connor once said. By exaggerating reality, we are able to actually see it. The grotesque is a balance of contradictions. It creeps and crawls between repulsion and attraction, the real and the unreal, and humor and horror. The sublime floats in the mind, but the grotesque is experienced in the body—in turning stomachs, goose bumps, and sweat.

Lincoln Michel: Lush Rot - Guernica / A Magazine of Art & Politics

ok BESIDES this dude calling David Banner’s Cadillac on 22s “one of the most beautiful and moving songs you will ever hear,” i really like this article

ok, full disclaimer, the lyrics to this song are kind of lame. BUT, but. the production on the verses is insanely gorgeous, and i kinda think they deserve to be their own song. rhye’s Robin Hannibal is apparently producing the album this track is on, which is funny, because i find myself wanting rhye or frank ocean to rewrite the lyrics and cover this track. no shade to niia, but her voices gets too loungey for me at times. oop this has turned into a very weak endorsement, but i promise this song is still quite good, and just like ahhh that. instrumental. is. key.

cacti still have the look

this is from a mixtape of sad t-pain remixes, which you can DL for free right here. SO CUTE FOR WINTER THAT REFUSES TO MELT INTO SPRING

never really watched mad men before so i decided to watch the first 4 episodes of season 1 tonight. thoughts:
1. this would be like 34% less poignant without the cigarettes
2. all rich white dudes are horrible
3. the strange half british dandy accent they adopt gives me a rash
5. when don starts getting misty eyed as he discovers human truths via sales pitches, i am not as moved as i think i should be
6. why do people talk about ‘mad man fashion’ so much bc i’m not really down for these looks
7. i’m not really down for this show
8. weird boob shapes 





A tattoo with an anchor saying ‘I refuse to sink’

a judgemental person that should respect other peoples choices!!!!!!!!!

A rabbit with bionic legs that has an incredible tolerance for alcohol

A big dad that scares other dads into eating bugs for fun