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thirdculturekid asked: my god, girl--your (new??) hair! it's fantastic! did you do it yourself?

yah! but it doesn’t look like that anymore cuz what I did was: get very bored and restless and bleach the fuck out of it. at one point i forgot the back of my head existed and had a precious little yarmulke of brown hair back there, very cute. but I was like NO I will
NOT go to a salon DIY all the way I am self sufficient and an expert at all things!so then i sorta fixed it and it was that pale yellowy color,and I was Into it but then worried it was too yellowy (I’ve seen too many yellowy at home bleach jobs in my life and it has scarred me) so I swallowed my pride and went to a salon to get it toned to a color found in nature and somehow when I came out it was the color of gingerbread in the pics i just posted? I’m torn between keeping this and going full gwen stefani bleached, because I liked that a lot too. anyway there is the hair saga nobody asked for. but I definitely don’t wanna go back to brown for a while just cuz this summer i have enjoyed being a restless shapeshifter and confusing predators and prey alike

faucetz and I might be aliens but we look qt in stripes

1. this album cover
2. the fact that I’m listening to this album



We had the cameras rolling for three years and put it all into a 2 hour documentary.

oO this should be good ☆彡

Most beautiful sound


The twinkly part of “Love in This Club”


Are you living in Chicago? Do you love Cakes Da Killa? Have you always wanted to see him live but didn’t want to make the trip to NYC? Well lucky you, you don’t need to go to NYC, Redbull is bringing Cakes Da Killa to you. For $3. Which means there is really no excuse to not go out and support him if you call yourself a die hard fan. Or a fan in general. Purchase tickets here and prepare to be slayed because Cake Da Killa’s Mixtape “Hunger Pangs" is a banger and the live experience should be even more incredible. 

👽🌷 attn chicago 🌷👽



 Palmistry is back with his mellow sound.

  “Protector SE5” is the second Mixpak single from South London’s Palmistry, following up his 2013 debut “Catch.”

 I still remember his epic collab with Triad God.

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